Cleaning Systems

The professional use of high-pressure technology in today’s processing and manufacturing industries is indispensable. High-pressure water offers a wide range of flexible options for both component cleaning and surface cleaning.

In today’s production processes, the cleanliness requirements for components are constantly increasing in order to obtain the necessary degree of cleanliness for downstream processes on the one hand and to ensure the quality and functionality of the component on the other. The great complexity of components demands flexible cleaning processes.

Waterjet cleaning also enables components to be deburred. With the aid of high-pressure deburring, tolerances and specifications for a wide variety of components can be precisely adhered to and processed reliably.

Surface cleaning is particularly important in the chemical industry and in logistics. Cleaning with high-pressure water is useful for a wide variety of surfaces and materials. The high pressure removes unwanted substances and deposits without any need for chemicals.Possible applications include:

  • Cleaning containers, tanks and tubes
  • Removing paints, rust and dirt
  • Removing burned-in materials
  • Component deburring and cleaning in production

A further advantage is that no flying sparks arise during waterjet cleaning. This enables cleaning even in potentially explosive areas.

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