Components for Hydrogen Applications

Komponenten für Wasserstoffanwendungen

Hydrogen is a light, colourless and flammable gas. It is by far the most abundant element on our planet.

Hydrogen is often described as the clean fuel of the future. Hydrogen also has many other potential applications, such as the removal of sulphur from fuels during the oil-refining process or in production processes used in the manufacture of various chemicals.

Thanks to its low density, hydrogen gas is used as a medium in many high-pressure filling processes. Its very fast reactive behaviour means it must be handled with great care and it is essential for safety reasons that high-quality components are put to use.


In addition to the traditional methods used to increase the shelf life of foods, a new method has managed to establish itself over the past years: high-pressure pasteurisation – or HPP for short.

By applying a pressure of up to 6,000 bar, the shelf life is extended without affecting the properties of the product. Nutrients and vitamins are preserved without the addition of preservatives, but germs and bacteria are safely neutralised. And the best remains unchanged: the taste!

The process is particularly suitable for extending the shelf life of juices and smoothies, cold cuts and meat products, as well as ready meals and dairy products.

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